Business concept

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Business concept
Good faith
Good faith here has two meanings. First, it means loyalty. We must be loyal to our enterprise, which is the basic condition for being employed by a company. The relation between a company and its employees are like skin and fur. If there is no skin, the fur will no longer exist. Hence, only when all the employees regard the company as their home and protecting the company’s interest, observing the company discipline, enhancing the company’s reputation, and improving corporate image as their bounden duty can the employees to have a bright future and achieve common development with the company. econdly, be genuine with people. Being genuine means honesty, sincerity and without hypocrisy. We advocate be genuine with people and doing business with good faith. We also advocate behaving in an honest and down-to-earth manner and suit the action to the word. We shall have an open mind, treat others honestly and sincerely and without deception. Whoever they are or whether they treat me right or wrong, we shall not have the slightest deception or strive for superiority. Instead, we shall treat then genuinely. Absolute sincerity will move a heart of stone. As everyone is happy, I am also happy. Good faith, the primary quality of righteousness, is to keep one’s word and conduce oneself openly and aboveboard. We should bear in bear that good faith is our duty when working out or implementing marketing strategy, manufacturing and inspecting products, receiving each customer and offering sales service.
Good faith is the foundation of our career. We shall take good faith as our basis forever.
Employees must devote to their professions and fulfill their duties scrupulously, and make contributions to the company.
First, whether it is temporary or general manager, you are in the presence of the occupation, it must have its own value. So whether working poor, as long as you threw himself into a regular basis, careful study, will be dry out a score and you find the value of life and fun. Visible, dedication is a necessary condition to achieve the value of life. Secondly, beloved of their career both respect themselves, but also responsible for other people and society, dedication is a basic professional ethics. Therefore, every employee must have professionalism.
Dedication have merits and demerits consciousness.
What is power? Kansai heart, loyal, dedicated, for the company to do any useful thing that is successful. What is excessive? Lives hand to mouth, its intoxication, people Manifest, is too reactive.
We should have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication. Sense of responsibility, that is, on their own, the company has a high sense of responsibility, each and every employee, especially managers should understand that a job is taking over a responsibility, regardless of your own doing or directing other dry or entrust others to do, you have to the results of this work are entirely responsible, never allowed to shirk its responsibility to others. Every employee should know: my hand out of one percent of non-conforming product, the use of this product (including services) of consumers is one hundred percent quality accidents. Thus, each acquired batch of material, each making a recipe, each test batch, each batch of customers away ...... I ask myself: I am responsible for it? After work received a good tool, or close the books, or shut the door ...... I think about it: Today, the company is responsible for it? I believe that every one of my colleagues every day can get the right answer.
Dedication to hard work. Diligence, is a necessary means to the good wishes into reality is the only way to succeed. Diligent in two points: First ground brains, active in-depth practical, try to come up with ideas, creativity make distinctive work performance. Second, the ground hands, down from the trivial, and perseverance to do every little thing, gathered together with the achievements of our great cause. Diligence is a positive attitude and progressive spirit, is not exactly equal ability, hard work and a person in the company has the ability to be able to accomplish much.
It is known for us that solidarity means strength. We often remind our employees that solidarity is the basic guarantee for a successful career and the basic requirement for all our employees. The solidarity of our company has two meanings, that is, to unite everyone of our employees to make them our business partners that will share weal and woe with us; unite every consumer to make them our real friends.
So many people come together, you have your work style, I have my habits of mind. Open your eyes might run into something goes wrong, all kinds of contradictions and ultimately work. Life is difficult to do a good person dealing with interpersonal relationships difficult. Well unity What magic? I advocate to treat people, this is magic. The ancients said: have behaved, do not impose on others. We must learn to understand people, understanding, respect. They do not even do not want to do things on others. Some old people pondering their own interests are likely to be hurt or harm, and deliberately engage in interpersonal struggle, such people never get out alive, he put a lot of energy spent in these silly move, why not own wisdom to pursue their careers, make more point for the community contribute? Therefore, we should be a & quot; Cheng & quot; character settle down. Over time you can give birth to many caring, kind man naturally can not forgive others, and then will respect everyone around. Every staff member so personally, how disunity? For this reason, to mutual understanding between people, mutual respect and help each other. I advocate & quot; mutual trust, mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual & quot; four principles as guidelines for our mutual relationships.
Cadre is a key factor in business success, but also to pay attention to solidarity. Cadres can not unite around business partner, can not coordinate with the neighboring department of ability he will be nothing. Therefore, whether to work with a strong ability to work, whether good at uniting the people around is an important indicator of appointment and assessment of cadres. Unity every consumer, making it our true friends, this statement from the consumer-centric marketing idea. No consumer would be no market, no market would not exist Hunan Kansai, which is that every employee should be inherent in the concept. Our work is to study business marketing guide and meet the desires and needs of consumers. I believe that all our work is to make consumer satisfaction and confidence. I propose: the consumer's standpoint, consider the problem to be solved; the consumer's standpoint, develop, modify and implement the resolutions, plans and all sorts of rules and regulations.
I appreciate this statement: God is only one, a friend at least 10 million. I believe that through the unremitting efforts of all staff, every customer will become friends forever Hunan Kansai.
Progress is the prerequisite of survival, the pursuit of loft ideal, the sublation of self and taking the risk to make expansion and innovation.
Progress is the prerequisite of survival. Firstly, since China established market economy model, the market competition mechanism has taken into shape in the country and the competition among enterprises are becoming tougher than ever. Now we are facing the intense competition in both the domestic and international market. Secondly, our products do not contain high technology, so we do not have advantages in this connection. This makes us to be cautious about our status quo all the time. It is known to all that not to advance is to go back. As market competition is ruthless, the superior will stand out and the inferior will be eliminated. To be content with the current situation and enjoy the fruits of others' work is doomed to failure and elimination. For this reason, we propose being prepared for danger in times of safety and having a strong crisis awareness, and encourage all our employees to unite and keep forging ahead.
Ahead is the abandoning of the self. I three times daily, and constantly reflect on their own, deny themselves, beyond their own, this is a man of virtue; reflect on their own, deny yourself not everyone can do, some people do not know their gap with others, do not understand their own how much ability to listen to antagonistic views, that he can do anything, in fact, can not do a lot of things that were very poor. I hope that every employee is clear: continue to discover and correct their shortcomings, awareness and develop their strengths, we will become more and more powerful. So people, business is all about.
To learn deliberative aggressive, not afraid of risk, dare to explore and innovation. Complacent, arrogant, a man despised by bad habits. I call upon everyone strenuously learning, learning management knowledge, learning advanced business experience, to learn everything useful for the development of our survival thing, careful thinking, pioneering contributions to the cause of the coup all good policy. Unruly dance away, cautiously, wait superiors instructed not overstepped, not our network, not our style. I advocate Hunan Kansai employees to dare to risk everything, am responsible, thoroughly comprehend the superior intention, and actively carry out creative work. I am confident that we will continue to develop new technology, new products, new markets, in all areas of marketing, production, technology and service innovation, progress forever!

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