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HUNAN XIANGJIANG KANSAI PAINT CO.,LTD. Founded in 1995, Hunan Xiangjiang Kansai Paint Co., a professional automobile coating manufacturer that is set up by HunanXiangjiang Paint Group Co., Ltd., Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd., and IHEFFF  Asahi Trade Co.,Ltd. based on the investment ratio of 50%: 45%:5%.
We have a large group of highly educated and qualified professionalswho are achieving common development with our company on the strength of our excellent corporate culture and training programs. Withtheir wisdom and strength, these talents enable Xiangjiang Kansai tomarch toward new heights. As a vigorous business entity, our companynow has 800 staff members whose average age is 30. Besides, 85% ofour staff are above technical secondary education.100% of our research staff are above bachelor's degree, and the loss rate of staff isless than <7% and the loss rate of key staff no more than <2.5%
Our company mainly produces medium-and high-level coating, including CED primer, floating coat, metallic luster paint, natural-color paint, varnish, low-temperature lacquer, and a series of automobile paint. We also have our own resin production workshop. Replying on the technical support of Kansai and Dupont, our products are applicable to a wide range of auto coating system of Europe, the US and Japan, and now we are the only Chinese OEM that supplies paint for double-system automobile. In 2012, our output and sales volume ranked the first in China. Based on the ISO-14001 environmental system and the ISO/TS-16949 quality system, Xiangjiang Kansai adheres to the quality guideline of “pursuit of excellence, conformity and customer foremost”, and has offered excellent products and services to around 40 auto coating line nationwide.

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