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Hunan Xiangjiang Kansai Coating Co., Ltd. is a Chinese paint industry leader - Hunan Xiangjiang Paint Group and one of the world's top ten paint companies - Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. in February 1995, a joint venture in Japan joint ventures, a total investment of: 14,750,000 US dollars, covers an area: 66,000 square meters.
Since my company was established in 1995, with sales at an average rate of 20% steady growth, in 2010 the growth rate is more than 40%, in 2014 sales of nearly 80,000 tons, sales of 2.3 billion yuan. Cathodic electrodeposition primer output ranks first in the industry, currently provides products and services for the Renault, Volkswagen, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese, European and domestic own-brand car manufacturers nearly 120 multiple coating production lines in China automotive OEM coatings market share for five consecutive years in the lead position, is the largest domestic automotive coatings industry leader in the fastest growing, with the domestic first-class R & D center, testing Evaluation Center, the existing staff of more than 1,000 people, including nearly 200 people had Japanese training and training.
In 2014 to build the company's second plant, with a total area of ​​340 acres, a 450 million investment, is expected to put into use in May 2016, the scale has grown in strength, perennial Employment Chemistry, Materials excellence, especially fresh graduates are welcome to join this team.

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