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Paint industry suffered overcapacity of industrial restructuring is imminent


At present, China's paint industry is facing overcapacity, overcapacity reflects the long-term result of extensive industrial development of the supply structure and demand structure out of line, thereby forming a "structural overcapacity", which is characterized by a low level, with Qualitative excess production capacity, to the lack of high-end production. Although China's paint output located in the world, but behind overcapacity, need a lot of paint-out, high-end quality paint was used in short supply, some varieties still in the blank, in particular in the field of civilian paint there is a serious homogenization phenomenon, In industrial coatings, automotive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, marine coatings, marine paints, coatings and other high-end area of ​​wind power is also foreign monopoly, some high-end heavily dependent on foreign raw materials.

The main reason causing overcapacity

China's paint industry led to a structural overcapacity is largely due to irrational industrial structure, mode of development is relatively backward. Specific problems mainly in the sectors of innovation capability is not strong, peer companies get together in the low-end market flame, playing the "price war", new technology, new products are difficult to meet the demand. The extensive mode of development of the industry, there is no excellent companies formed from the leading industrial development pattern, resulting in the industry disorderly competition, redundant construction serious; coupled with some paint companies seek large, and fast eager, overly optimistic expectations of the market, blind investment, blindly in low end "pie", and the paint industry and no time to achieve structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, resulting in low excess capacity situation is getting worse.

Overcapacity consequences

Structural, low-end overcapacity, we can only come to taste the bitter fruit. "Low surplus" China's paint industry as a whole leads to weakness and international market, foreign competition, small yield, low-level producers with cheap products flooding the market, to the industry to bring vicious "competition", "price war" is intensified, the downstream demand as the market norms and for products, services and other escalating market low-end products getting smaller and smaller; the paint industry in recent years, the Great Leap Forward-style investment, exacerbated by low-end products redundant construction, increasing the difficulty of industrial restructuring, the most direct consequence of the decline in corporate profits. It can be said, some SMEs, poor product manufacturers faced with life and death crisis.


In the contest to compete with foreign companies, domestic paint companies guarding the huge domestic market to do low-end products, but there is no competition at all, really embarrassing. Excess capacity is not only a waste of resources, in terms of business and the industry itself also means great difficulties, the impact should not be overlooked. Therefore, the paint industry to resolve the overcapacity is imminent, how should it resolve the problem of overcapacity

First, accelerate structural adjustment and transformation of development mode. Adjust the industrial and product structure, actively develop production capacity to meet market demand, in order to achieve dominated by the traditional production-oriented to service-oriented transformation of the production, from the traditional paint coatings industry transition to a green, Chinese and low-end to high-end paint coating change from scale expansion to focus on quality and efficiency of the transformation, to improve the overall level of development of the industry. Furthermore, it should focus on improving the market structure, the expansion of overseas markets as an important means to resolve the overcapacity, the ability of enterprises to accelerate the transfer of industries overseas release excess capacity.

The second is to promote the elimination of backward and technological innovation. Strengthen the industry access and strict restrictions on new backward production capacity, improve market access threshold. Strengthen the high energy consumption, high pollution, diseconomies of scale, low productivity paint companies elimination efforts. Learn from the practice of developed countries, the establishment of backward production capacity out of the compensation mechanism and its implementation details as soon as possible, to establish incentives to eliminate backward production capacity. Increase the intensity of technological innovation, attention to the core, key, major technological breakthroughs, enhance innovation-driven momentum through innovation get their own core technology; focus on supporting high-tech SMEs, encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment; on this basis , the enterprise should in variety, quality, energy saving, environmental protection issue, strengthen the high-end coatings, environmentally friendly coatings research and development and industrialization, expanding effective market demand in order to increase value-added products.

Third is to actively play the role of government and industry associations. In recent years, intensive introduction of various environmental policies aimed at harnessing policy Forced industrial restructuring and upgrading, governments and associations should also develop "paint industry access", to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure coating, standardize the market competition order ; late New paint project approval should also strengthen management, strictly control the volume and improve the quality of existing capacity, and improve industry concentration; do not comply with the relevant policies, programs procedures, financial institutions are not allowed to grant loans; encourage promote corporate mergers and acquisitions, optimize the industrial layout, paint companies to support mergers and acquisitions in the financial and fiscal policies. Develop and improve industry standards imminent, develop appropriate industry standards, not only can effectively paint production control and management, and automatic elimination and suppression of backward production capacity, in a sense.

Lack of effective demand and overcapacity contradiction has become an important issue currently facing China's paint industry, while long way to go to resolve the overcapacity contradiction, between day and night can not be resolved, the paint industry and companies must focus on the long-term, tackling the problem. Especially in the current economic transformation China has entered a period of adjustment, overcapacity has become more difficult problem, which requires the paint industry, and companies need to grasp the opportunity to actively take the initiative to resolve the overcapacity contradictions. China procurement network that paint, paint industries and enterprises should take overall control, innovation, eliminating the backward, mergers and acquisitions and a series of comprehensive measures to resolve the overcapacity, but the most fundamental is the need to "ton output capacity," the courage and determination to adjust optimize the industrial structure and upgrading, speed up the transformation of development mode, so as to be treating the symptoms.

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