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Insulation coating the definition and characteristics of the name


Insulation coating is a low thermal conductivity, easy construction, oil, acid and alkali, non-polluting best new insulation material. Divided into hydrophobic silicate insulation coatings, and powder particles of polystyrene wall insulation coatings. The former is a composite from a variety of high-quality insulating material Sepiolite cashmere, aluminum silicate fiber, perlite, organic silicon and polymers, with excellent performance is widely used in wall insulation, tanks, cold storage , pipes and other insulation. The latter is a new type of insulation material from the powder and polystyrene particles of the two components. Construction technology by the insulation layer, cracking the protective layer and waterproof finish layer, insulation layer of powder particles of polystyrene insulation mortar, cracking the protective layer is coated alkali resistant fiberglass mesh is added in cracking mortar, waterproof layer is a protective layer of resilient primer coated surface coatings and finishes for the brick, the system was developed using the main features advanced slurry materials and application technology, based on the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and other developed countries are:

1, it has excellent weather resistance. Low thermal conductivity, stable thermal insulation performance, softening coefficient, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-aging.
2, the use of soft crack technology. The layers of elastic modulus change to match the index gradient layer by layer, allowing the combination of deformation and deformation limit, can readily dispersed and digestion deformation stress. Grassroots deformation adaptability, effectively preventing wall cracks.
3, the system no cavity, anti-negative pressure capability, suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings.
4, good ventilation, respiratory function is strong, both good waterproof function, but also to resolve water insulation.
5, fire resistance rating of B1 level.
6, to facilitate the construction, the use of pre-mixed dry mix and lightweight aggregate dispensing technology can avoid the problem of the construction site weighed allowed. We can do more multi-level construction speed.
7, the correction ability. Good level of the structure of the construction is not high adaptability to local deviations can effectively implement corrective decoration.
8, integrated low cost.

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