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Water-based paint needs to rise


With the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, water-based paints as having environmental performance of products have been more and more recognized by consumers. Industry experts expressed the hope that the paint companies depth research, breakthrough in product quality and expand the market by means of environmental protection requirements.

All along, home decorative coatings due to the close association with the home life, the environment and cause consumer attention. It lasts a long time, oil paint, with its rich colors as home decoration main paint products. But in recent years, more and more evidence has shown that: the traditional oil paint to a certain extent affect people's health. Therefore, green paint more and more consumers of all ages.

As the environmental performance of waterborne coatings products have been more and more recognized by consumers. But because of the price, the decorative effect and many other factors, water-based paint has not become mainstream products on the market, consumer awareness of the water-based paint to be improved.

Currently, according to incomplete statistics, China's water-based paint usage less than 10%, the market showing a "hot industry market cold" pattern.

Although water-based paint began to be more accepted by consumers and recognized, but for larger low consumer market, still dominated by oil paint.

Professionals said aqueous coating biggest advantage is environmentally friendly, but due to the current majority of domestic water-based paint coating effect is still not fully achieve the same effect with the conventional paints, and, water-based paint coating process greatly influenced by construction environment, construction period is longer. Therefore, water-based paint is also very difficult to really dominate the market. Paint companies should produce the product to adapt to different environments, if you can not achieve product quality upgrading, water-based paint is difficult to be widely accepted by the market.

However, the industry's future prospects remain optimistic waterborne coatings. Water-based paint health, environmental protection and other features, in recent years, the sales market has clearly shown a rising trend. Market prospects enormous water-based paint, paint for many domestic enterprises, research and development efforts, overcome technical bottlenecks, and constantly improve and enhance its performance is an important measure, at the same time, vigorously promote sales terminals and market demand to cultivate more essential. Paint companies are concerned about the quality and health indicators, it is more to pour more energy on nurturing the consumer market. Professionals believe that the industrialization of the product needs of various enterprises to jointly promote, on the one hand, we need to focus on the support of relevant departments, on the other hand companies need to reach a consensus with home improvement companies, while more consumers want to popularize knowledge of water-based paint, publicity Product advantages.

Domestic paint companies, including in recent years have introduced water-based paint, in the development of products made a technical breakthrough.

For the paint industry, a very important means of reducing VOC emissions is water-based paint, the current interior paint, furniture paint, anti-corrosion coatings, water-based automotive paint proportion is gradually increased. Currently, the state has developed a GB 18582-2008 "interior decoration materials, interior wall paint harmful substances", GB 24410-2009 "interior decoration materials, water-based coatings of harmful substances" a number of national standards, in order to safeguard the healthy and orderly development of water-based paint industry. But to really realize the industrialization of water-based paint, not the efforts of several companies, you can easily achieve but not in the short term, but needs the joint efforts of the entire industry.

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