Quality Assurance

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Environmental policy
1. Comply with national and local environmental protection laws and regulations and other requirements;
2. Continuously introduce and develop environmental friendly automobile coatings;
3. Continuously improve paint formulation, production process and equipment, save resources and energy, and reduce pollutant emissions;
4. Pay attention to the wishes and requirements of customers, employees, the public and other relevant aspects, minimize the pollution damage to customers, employees and the public in the production process, and seek the supervision, understanding and cooperation of relevant parties.
Establish and implement ISO14001 environmental management system, improve environmental performance, fulfill compliance obligations and achieve environmental objectives.
quality policy
Customer first
In order to pursue quality stability and improve customer satisfaction, we need to introduce iatf16949 system. In the company, this idea is carried out through the understanding form of "the next process is customer". The employees of each process post shall transfer the work completed with full confidence to the next process. "Do not give insufficient information and defective products to the next process! "
Refine on
Not satisfied with the status quo in the work, positive progress, in the work to always maintain self-improvement, the development of enterprises need everyone's joint efforts. Standardization is the basis of improvement. All employees should abide by the standards and continuously pursue the improvement of product quality.
Be the same outside and inside
Any work consists of "table" and "inside". If the business is "table", the manufacturing is "inside". If the equipment operation is "table", the rectification and sorting is "inside", the production site is "table", and the warehouse and toilet are "inside". At first glance, "Li" is not so important, but if "Li" does not reach a high level, "watch" is not good, it cannot exceed the "Li" level, and both sides should work hard at the same time.
Establish and implement iatf16949 system, prevent defects, reduce variation and waste, reduce cost and improve continuously.
Qualification certificate
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

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